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An ad sales management platform your teams will love to use

Conquer your media business complexity with a CRM, OMS, and a Proposal Recommendation engine designed to help you scale.

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What happens when media execs design an ad sales management platform from scratch? The most accurate revenue forecasting, larger deal sizes with more products sold, 50+ automated workflows for Sales and Ad Ops that save valuable time, all the integrations you need, and analytics to report on virtually anything.

Get More Accurate Revenue Forecasting

Tap into the most accurate, timely omnichannel revenue forecasting for media companies, with an easy-to-use interface for sellers and no-code configurations for CRM inputs, products, and stages.

Track Everything In One Place

Eliminate spreadsheet proliferation and silos of error-prone information with a single real-time database that enables company-wide collaboration and better decision-making.

Sell Plans at the Right Price & Highest Margin

Help teams sell the right products across a complex portfolio for higher profitability.

Look Smarter More Often

Report on virtually anything confidently in real-time, with the industry’s largest library of pre-built best practice dashboards and multi-layered analytics.

Finally, an ad sales management platform built by media execs for media execs

Order Management System

A real-time Order Management solution built for the complexity of today’s media sales

An end-to-end OMS for media businesses that increases efficiency and profitability, regardless of product complexity.

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM platform your sellers will want to use

Save time and get real-time pipeline visibility with built-in calendar and email integrations, drag-and-drop deal updates, and omnichannel forecasts in a CRM purpose-built for media sales organizations.


Motivate Sales with 100% trusted Commissions

Boostr gives your team commissions data everyone can trust, from daily updated calculations and “what-if” scenario calculators to performance analytics and easy export to Payroll.

Proposal IQ

Increase revenue with Proposal-IQ

Introducing the industry’s first automated RFP tool with product and pricing recommendations so you can respond faster and win larger budgets.


Accelerate deal flow with Boostr + Mediaocean

A direct integration with Mediocean’s Prisma automates the RFP and IO receipt and response process and streamlines first and third-party delivery updates.


Boostr plays nice with others. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your favorite software programs–no learning curve required.

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I’m a big fan of Boostr. Its greatest quality is its ability to be adapted for every business they partner with.
Michael Bologna
Chief Accelerator, BrightLine

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