Increase Revenue Forecasting Accuracy by 50%

BrightLine replaced its manual processes with easily configured technology that doubled productivity


Provide more accurate revenue forecasts to facilitate proactive business decisions and identify seller management priorities that help scale the business.

BrightLine sets the industry standard for a data-powered CTV experience through personalized, interactive, and commerce driven advertising. Partnering with networks from NBC to Hulu, the company has long pioneered television solutions for brands.But after more than two decades in business, BrightLine needed to revamp its forecasting methods. The company wanted to take advantage of new technologies that could liberate teams from spreadsheets and manual processes while generating more accurate and actionable insights.

I’m a big fan of Boostr. Its greatest quality is its ability to be adapted for every business they partner with.”

BrightLine is a complex and unique media company, requiring a customizable CRM tool. Historical forecasting methods were manual and often off-base, impacting high-level decision making.

BrightLine’s legacy forecasting methods relied too heavily on opinions and out-of-date information, leading to forecasts that were overly optimistic, negatively impacting decision-making at every level. Without accurate forecasts, the company could not strategize effectively or anticipate changing market conditions.Unfortunately, most CRM software couldn’t meet BrightLine’s customization needs, keeping the company bogged down without dated predictive methods.


Launch a new, highly customizable CRM platform that provides greater visibility to team members to enable better-informed decisions.

  • Put in a place a highly configurable CRM solution that can work with a complex sales process.
  • Work with a new technology partner that will invest time in understanding the complexity of BrightLine’s business.
  • Create unique dashboards with real-time updates for sellers, national sales managers, and the CEO, allowing for proactive, impactful decision-making.

“BrightLine is a really complex organism,” explained Michael Bologna, Chief Accelerator at BrightLine. “We need CRM tools with high levels of customization so we can give leadership a comprehensive, holistic view of what we’re doing … as well as accurately forecast and save team hours.” BrightLine piloted Boostr to achieve these goals. Bologna quickly found that with help from Boostr’s support teams, the platform could be adapted to meet the company’s unique needs and deliver crucial insights in easy-to-access and understandable ways.

Boostr is truly my partner—it links the finance side of the business and the business side of the business.”

Amplified productivity and forecasting accuracy allow for well informed decisions that support growth and holistic business health.

  • Increased revenue forecasting accuracy by 50%.
  • Doubled productivity.
  • Accurate revenue forecasts up to six months out, allowing for better decisions around hiring and other operations.

“Without Boostr, my productivity would drop by 50%,” Bologna said. He notes that the solution saves him hours of work every week that can be redirected to other tasks, and it has also revolutionized forecasting at BrightLine. “Forecasting used to be guesstimated, but now we have a consistent methodology,” Bologna explained. With intelligent technology doing the busywork, BrightLine’s teams can sufficiently analyze revenue forecasts and create strategies in response, for better decision-making now and in the future. “At last, we’re able to meaningfully link the finance side of the business and the business side of the business,” Bologna explained. That alignment will support and enhance the longevity and health of the business.

Without Boostr, my productivity would drop by 50%.”


Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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