How to Create Faster and Better Campaign Delivery

Connected teams, workflows, and data speed up campaign creation and empower people.


Establish a single source of truth that keeps teams collaborative while reducing busywork so each employee works in their zone of genius.

What if you could finally eliminate spreadsheets from your daily operations—along with the hours your team spends in them? What if in place of Excel files, you could have a single platform that improves cross-departmental communication by sharing the most up-to-date data with everyone at your company? What if fewer hours were spent on campaign creation, freeing up more time for optimization?

Keep reading to find out all of this is being accomplished by KatieJohnson, Vice President of Business Operations at GroundTruth, a leading location-based marketing and ad tech company, and RonDuque, Head of Advertising and Ad Tech Operations at GroundTruth and WeatherBug, the weather app GroundTruth acquired in 2016.

We can create media plan packages that are preset from a dropdown. Why continue to reinvent the wheel once we’ve already identified something that works?”

At GroundTruth and WeatherBug, employees were siloed in their day-to-day work and, without comprehensive views on collected data, failed to make the most informed decisions for their teams and the company at large.

“None of us here went through college to do data entry,” Duque said. The manual processes bogged down teams at GroundTruth and WeatherBug, becoming especially cumbersome as the business scaled. When teams rely on spreadsheets and PDFs to get the job done, a tiny error—even something as insignificant as a missing zero—can have huge repercussions. Employees spent a lot of time on manual processes like assembling media campaigns and struggled to find the time to add value by analyzing and using data to optimize each plan. Bogged down in busywork, employee morale suffered, time was wasted redoing work, and the companies weren’t maximizing client satisfaction. Meanwhile, without a single place where data was stored and updated, key information was often difficult to access, which affected GroundTruth and WeatherBug’s ability to create impactful long-term strategies not just for their clients, but also internally.


Deploy Boostr’s technology to facilitate automation, aggregate historical data, and establish a customizable platform that enhances daily operations.

  • Gain a better view of historical data and make it accessible to all team members to inform better decision-making.
  • Automate as many processes as possible to free up the team’s time and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Customize the system as needs change without relying on outside consultants.

From Boostr’s templates to its integrations, the software has revolutionized how teams at GroundTruth and WeatherBug spend their time. “With these integrations, we’ve been able to eliminate a lot of the manual Excel documents to connect the systems that weren’t talking to each other before, so we’re giving our ad ops teams back a lot of time,” Johnson explained. With more automated processes, teams can instead focus on optimizing their services—not just getting them done. As a growing company, GroundTruth andWeatherBug needed customizations designed for media companies.With Boostr’s highly configurable software, they are able to capture valuable information and organize it as needed. Thanks to the solution’s intuitive design, there’s no need to hire expensive outside consultants or spend extra time training employees; instead, it’s easy to make updates with no-code configurations and allow the platform to evolve alongside the business.

We’re preventing mistakes and building better relationships overall as a team, so our clients feel more comfortable relying onus for strategy. Instead of being reactionary to their needs, we can be more proactive and make the right recommendations.”

GroundTruth and WeatherBug’s teams have access to templates and integrations that eliminate busywork and allow them to invest more time in value-added services for clients.

  • Faster campaign development that frees up team members’ time for high-level tasks.
  • More campaign optimizations to better attract, serve, and retain clients.
  • GroundTruth and WeatherBug broke the cycle of reactivity to focus on proactive strategies that serve their clients—and their own business—better.

With GroundTruth and WeatherBug’s teams’ schedules liberated thanks to the availability of more than 50 automated workflows, they’re refocusing their efforts on high-level tasks that require strategy and vision. “I love Boostr’s template feature,” which allows media campaigns to be quickly built, Johnson said. “The real KPI for Boostr is the reduction in our time spent setting up campaigns.” GroundTruth and WeatherBug employees are using their newfound time to optimize those campaigns. Employees can now see the impact of their work and are much happier, whichJohnson and Duque expect will lead to better retention. “By giving them back time in their day, hopefully we’re retaining employees that are going to drive partnerships with our clients,” said Duque.Not only have spreadsheets all but been eliminated, but with a single platform where all data, templates, and communications are housed, the right information is always within reach. Instead of searching for a spreadsheet or trying to locate an email, employees can quickly and easily find what they need and spend their energy supporting their clients’ goals. Teams within the business are more collaborative when communicating through Boostr, data is a cinch to locate, campaign build-outs don’t eat up whole days, and as a result, teams are no longer reactive. They spend their work hours designing proactive, forward-looking strategies for their clients and for GroundTruth and WeatherBug.

You retain better people because they’re doing more of what they want to do, which is, of course, also what you want them to do.”

Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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