How to Achieve the Most Accurate Revenue Forecasting for Media Publishers With Boostr

The Best Data Empowers the Best Decisions


Create an easy-to-use, accurate, and rapidly configurable revenue projection system that empowers strategic C-Suite decisions.

What if you had true confidence in the revenue projections you provide to the C-Suite? And as the business changed, your sales projection technology pivoted too—without any code updates or millions spent on custom configurations?

Read on to see how a leading media publisher achieves all this and more.

Boostr is something I’m very proud of. It will allow our company to make educated decisions about the future of the business.”

Overextended teams and stretched budgets made proficient forecasting difficult.

As with many company’s, teams can get stretched real thin. “They were switching hats left and right. I knew we couldn’t continue to operate this way and expect our business to get better.”

The company wanted to improve forecasting and progress tracking but didn’t want to incur the cost of custom tools or the effort of building their own proprietary platform. In order to support the team better, they knew they needed to integrate software that could get the job done while being intuitive, easy to use, and quickly integrated into daily operations


Use Boostr to establish a single go-to source for information while streamlining operations and generating sounder data to drive big picture decisions.

  • Customize exactly how sales data is being tracked while maintaining ease of use by sellers
  • Mandate all communications between sales and ad operations flow through Boostr in order to drive greater efficiencies
  • Move away from offline workflows that limit the ability to track, analyze and answer core questions coming from the C-suite.
If anything happens outside of Boostr I always stop and ask: ‘Why?’

They wanted to create greater operational efficiency and glean better wisdom from trackable data, which is why they integrated Boostr into daily operations. They split a single team into media planners and account managers to focus on scaling efforts, but rallied everyone around Boostr, where all data was aggregated. They soon customized the platform, further enhancing the way the company works with it. “It’s really user-friendly,” which made onboarding and customization a cinch. “We’re now working on everything being administered through Boostr. If anything happens outside of it I always stop and ask: ‘Why isn’t this being done in Boostr?’ and make sure we get it in.” The single source of truth in Boostr eliminates guesswork, increases accuracy, and means no one ever has to hunt down the latest spreadsheet.


Powerful forecasting means the company can now provide direction for core business decisions while teams benefit from smoother day-to-day processes and a higher degree of accountability.

  • The ability to scale products and internal business operations without needing to spend millions more on custom development.
  • Getting far greater insights into the product mix being sold, percentages of custom content, and costs to produce.
  • Greater trust and accountability that sales forecasts are accurate coming from easy-to-use inputs for sales and tracking highly customized deal data.

Boostr is built for media companies, so it “really filled a niche need for our company and did so right out of the box, without a lot of risks.” While the company has integrated new, more efficient operations and forecasts with Boostr, they’ve remained nimble—a necessity for them. “We evolve based on what our client wants and a lot of that is based on account executives’ insights.” As such, the increased relevance and accuracy of the forecasting that the team provides leadership is ultimately creating more value for their audience. Meanwhile, more gets done thanks to Boostr’s entirely trackable system that creates accountability. “Everything is collected in one system, so we’re pulling people out of Google Docs, spreadsheets, email—these systems that are very hard to track, and when it is trackable, we can learn from it.”

We’re pulling people out of Google Docs, spreadsheets, email—these systems that are very hard to track.”

Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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