Boostr’s Pacing Insights Drive Maximum Revenue Realization

How BrightLine is delivering more on its booked campaigns to increase profits and add value for partners


Achieve a 95% delivery rate for booked campaigns to maximize revenue.

BrightLine’s data-powered CTV services have set anew industry standard for personalized, interactive advertising. The pioneering company has developed solutions for over-the-top (OTT), connected TV, and smart TV advertising. Yet, in an increasingly complex landscape, BrightLine faced challenges in harnessing data insights to inform strategy, design, and delivery.

Like most media companies, BrightLine bills advertisers based on campaign delivery—not what is initially booked. The company aimed to gain visibility into its pipeline in order to book more campaigns and consistently meet or exceed a 95% delivery rate.Hitting these numbers would enable BrightLine to grow its revenue and provide greater value to its partners.

Historically, BrightLine’s limited campaign delivery analytics resulted in under-delivery and missed opportunities.

“We had been just booking something and hoping for the best,” said Victoria Dever Pisarri, VP ofClient Operations at BrightLine. BrightLine’s legacy system lacked a dashboard with real-time campaign delivery data to help BrightLine teams gauge and adjust how they tracked against forecasts. Without accurate insight into pacing, the company couldn’t get ahead of delivery problems or correct consistent under-delivery. As a result, forecasts were typically off and full revenue potential never realized.

I don’t think our business could be at the volume it is—and could be functioning at the volume we’re seeing now—without Boostr.”

Create unprecedented visibility into pacing with realtime analytics to maximize delivery.

Dever Pisarri spearheaded Boostr’s integration intoBrightLine’s operations with the goal of making the most of the company’s established deals and maximizing booked revenue. BrightLine leverages Boostr’s OMS system for live feedback on pacing, which allows Ad Ops teams to adjust in order to increase booked revenue and bill on time. Working with Boostr’s support team, BrightLine created a dashboard that turns bookings versus delivery data into at-a-glance insights. By also creating individual media partner dashboards, teams can visualize trends by publisher and media type, communicate expectations, and avoid misunderstandings. This newfound visibility helps teams utilize data to meet revenue goals and add consultative services, creating more robust and trusting business relationships.


Greater insights, captured revenue, and campaign delivery“Boostr has certainly improved our ability to achieve our goal of 95% or above on delivery of bookings,”Dever Pisarri said. Real-time visibility into pacing is revolutionizing operations at Boostr, allowing the company to more consistently meet its internal goals while satisfying client expectations. “I don’t think our business could be at the volume it is—and could be functioning at the volume we’re seeing now—without Boostr,” Dever Pisarri noted. Boostr is also helpingBrightLine deepen client relationships by enabling sellers to become more consultative and proactively manage campaigns. “With Boostr, we’re able to run reports to see trends by category, partner, and ad format that we couldn’t see before,” Dever Pisarri explained. This allows BrightLine to develop optimized plans for partners and their unique goals.

With Boostr, BrightLine has:

  • Established comprehensive, real-time visibility into campaign delivery versus bookings
  • Improved campaign management to exceed delivery goals and revenue forecasts
  • Become more consultative and added value for clients

With greater visibility and deeper, consultative relationships with partners, BrightLine teams are doing more than meeting delivery and revenue goals—they’re exceeding them. As Dever Pisarri said,“Boostr has truly pushed us ahead exponentially in terms of what we can do with our data.”

Boostr has truly pushed us ahead exponentially in terms of what we can do with our data.”

Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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