A Single Source of Truth Supports Scale

How Katz Digital uses Boostr to unify its data, gain real-time insights, and save its Sales team 40% of its time


Unify workflows and create a single source of truth to enable real-time strategic planning, forecast accuracy, optimized delivery, and revenue growth.

Katz Media has a long history in media, representing nearly 5,000 online and on-air media assets for radio and television broadcasters nationwide. When President Scott Porretti stepped up to manage Katz Digital’s targetable premium digital audio products, he saw that legacy analog systems were impeding growth. Katz Digital has grown more than 35% year-over-year for the last seven years, which means managing more volume, business, and publishers—and higher stakes for selecting the right management systems.

The company’s growth needed better support behind the scenes with an OMS that could deliver insights at the pace of business and enable optimization at every level, from employee workflows and time savings to delivery and partner retention.

Boostr is one of the top five tools we’ve ever added to our business.”

Digital products suffered from legacy workflows that were disjointed, slow to deliver analytics, and poorly segmented—resulting in lost opportunities.

Problems emerged in Katz Digital’s operations largely because of its rate of growth. “We tried to put digital into our legacy linear workflows, and it never worked right,” Porretti explained. “We ended up bringing in multiple systems, which left us with all of these pieces but nothing to bring them together holistically.”

Without a single source of truth, key data was lost in a shuffle of Excel spreadsheets and management systems. Staff lost hours to monotonous busywork, and Katz Digital couldn’t truly capitalize on its tremendous momentum. “We had some reporting,” Porretti explained, “but it was never instantaneous, and we couldn’t track key segments like podcasting. We basically resorted to writing things down and asking each salesperson to log opportunities.” This system meant that many opportunities slipped through the cracks.


Establish a single source of truth, unify data through integrations in Boostr, and share real-time sales, pricing, and inventory data.

  • Consolidate workflows in Boostr and streamline processes and reporting for staff and leadership.
  • Bring sellers and regional sales leadership onto the platform to create a more comprehensive high-level picture and improve forecasting and pipelining.
  • Create visibility for greater accountability and performance.

Katz Digital connected Boostr to its ad server to streamline processes and create visibility across orders. More than 100 sellers were onboarded to the platform, where they regularly log insertion orders (IOs) and track opportunities to create a clearer, more accurate pipeline.

Leadership teams across the country can access the same real-time data through centralized dashboards that help them collaborate and effectively address issues like underdelivery. Boostr’s centralized platform has broken down data silos, created more comprehensive forecast reporting, and established an environment of accountability, where data empowers everyone to improve performance.

Boostr has really enabled us to scale our business in a very significant way. Everything is housed in Boostr. It’s the heartbeat of our organization.”

Katz Digital is saving time and money while maximizing performance to reduce churn and drive growth.

  • Errors are avoided, leading to tens of thousands of dollars saved.
  • Ad Ops teams save an estimated 40% of their time each week through more automated workflows.
  • Better campaign performance and more consultative selling increase NRR and minimize churn.

“Boostr has really enabled us to scale our business in a very significant way,” Porretti said. “Everything is housed in Boostr. It’s the heartbeat of our organization.”

A major selling point for Boostr has been the support Porrett’s team has received, including assistance as they iterate on dashboards, customize reporting, and plan for the future. “Boostr is truly a partner to us,” he said. “They are a part of our team.”

With customizations, integrations, and automations in place, Katz Digital is catching errors much faster. The system sends alerts immediately when campaigns fail to go live as planned or underperform. “In the past, we would have never had time to catch something like that,” Porretti said. “Boostr has helped us all become more accountable and responsible, which has driven better performance and makes the advertiser happy, so they want to spend more money with us.”

It’s not just the advertisers who are happy. Sales teams are benefitting from insights that drive their strategies, free up their time, and help leadership recognize and reward their performance. Porretti estimates that Sales teams are saving around 40% of their time each week thanks to automated workflows. As Katz Digital continues to expand, this supportive relationship with partners and team members alike is the key to success. “I’m a big fan of Boostr,” Porretti said. “It’s one of the top five tools we’ve ever added to the business, and I’m excited to see how we are going to grow together.”


Boostr is the only platform that seamlessly integrates CRM and OMS capabilities to address the unique challenges of media advertising. With boostr, companies gain the unified visibility necessary to effectively manage, maximize and scale omnichannel ad revenue profitability with user-friendly workflows, actionable insights, and accurate forecasting.

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